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Built to be a thriving, end-to-end engineering solutions provider, we’re moving predefined industry norms to adopt higher benchmarks of quality, performance, and safety.

Who we are

Identifying modern day industry needs from oil and gas sectors to energy-powered industries, we’re the harbingers of an immersive engineering landscape. We embody the promise of upholding community health, empowering lives with technology and co-creating stakeholder value through an eco-positive business model.

What we do

Three decades worth of a credible, cross-industry know-how has, and continues to expand our capabilities relevant to domestic and global markets. Every industry emerges a fresh challenge as it shifts to a new complex environment. Having managed oil and gas field complexes, our technical service teams and project execution experts keep quality consistent on top of their assistance.

LSTK projects empower us with the onus to shoulder full responsibility of functions spanning the oil and gas, security, fire and gas detection, and energy industries.

With prevailing technological intelligence leveraged with a sustainability-driven approach, we’re building a resilient enough present to sustain the hopes of future living.

Our Mission

We’re connecting customers who value quality equipment, innovative technology, and integrity with our well-weighed services, placing a distinct focus on technically demanding environments

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With our global expansion procedures progressing at a fast pace, and the need to ensure unity, control and organisation of our subsidiary firms along with global transfer of business; Spectron Group's decision to become a holding company turned the hour’s demand. We believe that success comes from a relentless focus on a shared vision, innovation and execution. Our global visibility has increased tremendously as we embraced our idea to grow glocally— executing successful ideas globally through experience and knowledge gathered from our domestic companies. Over our working tenure of 30 years that began with the Oil and Gas industry, today we can proudly claim that we have left milestones after another in various fields that span 9 verticals, covering Indian and other global locations that we are active in. With a span of three decades, our business saw the right balance between entrepreneurial spirits and the diversified expertise we possess, which led us to establish businesses globally in locations like Malaysia and UAE with high performing products and services. With safety, service and quality as our cornerstones of growth, we believe that these are also what set us apart. Our approach to getting the right things, right people at the right time and the right cost structure applies both to our sustainability initiatives and our business, exemplifying our innovation and execution. In line with our ideology to innovate and grow, we look forward to partnering with promising entrepreneurial skills while focusing on making our workplace and stakeholders more attractive, supportive and inclusive.

Management and Board

Mr. Spencer Varghese

Managing Director

Mr. P N Mohan

Executive Director

Mr. Suraj Gonsalves

VP Marketing

Mr. Sushil Kumar

Director Technical

Valerian D'souza

VP Marketing

Mr.Venkatesh Kamat

Director Technical

Mr. Anindyo Srakar

Director E-clean

Mr. S R Ghosh

Director Spectron Energy