About Security & Surveillance

Security is one phenomenon that has consistently ranked high on national agendas. Especially in the realm of border security systems, which are being continually amped up to reflect the demands of the changing times. Addressing this sentiment, in 1996, Spectrons Security and Surveillance division was formed to pioneer the development of border security systems. We believed in joining forces with Indias long-standing fight against terrorism and anti-state activities from across borders

Over the years, our products have been capable of safeguarding military establishments and industries. With indigenous products developed under the Make in India directive, we combat potential damages caused due to avoidable intrusions and breaches through pre-emptive and agile equipments operating round-the-clock.

Spectron's tactical surveillance systems function on ground, underground and underwater under all weathers and terrains. Following the integration of high-end monitoring systems with European and American Expertise and softwares, the odds of human error leading to a misjudgment are wiped out from the get-go. We combine the efficiencies of our intrusion detection systems and sensors to safeguard organisations interests.

We undertake Lumpsum Turnkey projects inSupply, Testing, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance. Products Spectron offers:

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems for underground, underwater and open-air settings.
  • Under Vehicle Inspection Systems
  • Other surveillance products such as camera systems and devices, scanners, and detection systems.

Solutions are suitable for:

  • Government/Military
  • Industries & Utilities
  • Correction Centers
  • Transportation
  • VIP Protection